Constantin will continue to endanger visitors to get back the income.

Constantin will continue to endanger visitors to get back the income.

This person visits Kim at an industry, suffering from came across the girl identity that is former as.

Provided Dragomir’s beyond lifetime of criminal activity, Constantin believes Kim ended up being associated with Natalie at stealing the cash. This girl does not know any thing about any of it.

Baptiste plus Edward attempt to get the cash, choosing to talk to Natalie’s roomie, Lina, once again. Lina is usually the one whom knocked Edward away after that he expected your money can buy return starting Natalie. This girl claims your Romanians are definitely after this girl, hence she’s reluctant in order to help—but this girl stocks which Natalie mentioned that when any such thing occurred towards the girl: uncover the woman son.

Edward are surprised to master Natalie possessed one son, called Matty. That he life together with daddy, Thijs de Boer, who Niels law enforcement officer checked out in a medical facility once Natalie’s death, to get the woman then to kin in order to recognize the woman human body. Thijs won complete custody out of Matty due to the fact this person can ppery for a much healthier legal representative; regardless of that he’s a violent addict. Natalie informed Lina your the cash could be together with her son, worst instance: provided she mayn’t salvage the lady sis, at the least she may help Matty.

Matty happens to be snuck out from the medical center, wthis personrein that he only experienced a surgical procedure, by just that the tulip farmer, Herman, which reveperled a necklace plus bag high in funding hidden upon his farm. Herman’s vehicle breaks down although travel Matty out of the medical center, plus considering that the storage he’s towed in order to try shut the evening, he’s forced inside obtain a car—using that is new funding through the bag.