Reasons for having Intercourse Trafficking You Will Discover in Blind Eyes Opened

Reasons for having Intercourse Trafficking You Will Discover in Blind Eyes Opened

Rebekah can be a teenage that is american with low esteem. She’s been raped. She’s lost friends. She does not be friends with her moms and dads.

Therefore, at age 16, she moves away from her parents’ house and begins drugs that are doing. At age 17 and cash that is needing she begins working at a strip club. After that, she satisfies a man that is handsome guarantees her a spot to reside and loads of love.

He’s got a 5,000-square-foot house. He has got secretaries who answer his phone.

“He made me feel very special, and desired, and loved – which will be the thing I missed,” she claims.

Quickly, however, Rebekah is swept up into the underground realm of intercourse trafficking. She’s forced into prostitution.

The movie Blind Eyes Opened – in theaters for starters evening only, Jan. 23 – tells the storyline of Rebekah as well as others like her with what happens to be dubbed a “first-of-its-kind christian documentary.” The movie interviews police force officials, lawmakers, trafficking experts and ministry leaders than you might think as it exposes a dark underground industry – sex trafficking – that is closer to your city.

It’s one of the better movies in the subject plus one of the most extremely gripping, too.

Listed here are three things learn that is you’ll

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It is Taking Place in your town

The movie takes us a number of towns – including Tampa, Atlanta and Nashville – where intercourse trafficking is typical.

“It’s in just about every single community,” a specialist about the subject says.

The film focuses on the most popular form of trafficking in the U.S.: sex trafficking although human trafficking can involve forced labor or involuntary servitude.

“Most people think about it being a international issue.