About US

About US

About Us

Wusat, one of the prime real estate companies in Islamabad, endeavours to craft beautiful environments for exceptionally high-quality lifestyles. Inspired by art and reflective of their owner’s aspirations, Wusat residences are classic in feel but contemporary of vision; canvases to be filled with the experience and exuberance of life.

As a truly customer-focused real estate developer, Wusat develops classically beautiful residences in Islamabad combining incredible artistry with impeccable design. Our customers’ refined tastes inspire us to develop architecturally compelling luxury properties in Islamabad that consistently transcend fashion and trends.

At Wusat, our Team thoroughly oversees the construction of luxury developments in Islamabad, working closely with the design and architectural teams end to end. Every property is built with four key pillars in mind, forming a crucial combination of principles. Wusat as a premium property developer in Islamabad, believes in playing a momentous role in building a quality lifestyle, prioritizing every step of the development process through a highly-personalised approach from principles to finishing details.

Offering warranty after hand-over, we know that our responsibility towards a customer is a long-lasting commitment. As one of the best developers in Islamabad, our bespoke collection of residences and communities are an ideal fit for a refined lifestyle – built to inspire, well into the future.

Location matters! It can be quintessential in choosing a luxury home. As one of the finest real estate companies in Islamabad, we choose some of the most prestigious addresses in the city. Wusat’s current property developments in Islamabad include high-rise luxury residences and multi-family communities where contemporary meets classi

Wusat envisions a new way of living for discerning homeowners in Islamabad and beyond.


We believe in the science of real estate, it’s the art that’s missing and hence the weakest link. Therefore our prime focus is to fill this gap and deliver the art that is incomparable. From the vision that imagines the project to the finesse that delivers it, from the drawings that break the monotony to the contours that construct the masterpiece, from the main promise that the project offers to the details that it brings. Our distinction is in thinking about the next breakthrough and delivering it with a single minded enthusiasm.


Wusat stands for magnitude, proportion, dimension, space and extension. All in all, it stands for possibilities. The possibility to prove and improve; to perform and transform, to define and redefine, innovate and renovate, to inspire and rise even higher. The name reflects our philosophy of existence, keep going further in the quest to reinvent the living standards in the real estate sector.


Beat your last idea, with a better one.


If your customers don’t trust you blindly, you haven’t won them completely.


Everyone who works for us, everyone we work for, will comply to the highest standards of ethics and compliance.


Standards take time, but once in place, they enable you to automate perfection.


To become a global name in the real estate sector known for perfection, ingenuity and individuality

Apply the highest professional standards in the real estate sector at each stage of the value chain to become the brand synonymous with the characteristics of excellence